You CAN VOTE if you were convicted of a misdemeanor, even if you are incarcerated;

You CAN VOTE if you are Behind the Walls awaiting trial for a charge and have not been convicted of a crime;

You CAN VOTE if you were convicted of a felony, if:
  • The felony conviction(s) are not for the crime of buying or selling votes; and
  • You are currently not serving time in a jail or detention center
  • Put simply...if you are HOME, you can VOTE
You can vote while on parole and probation, UNLESS you were convicted of buying or selling votes.

Read the Law: Md. Code, Election Law § 3-102
  • you have ever been convicted of buying or selling votes; or
  • have been convicted of a felony and are currently serving a court–ordered sentence of imprisonment for the conviction; or
  • are under guardianship for mental disability AND the appropriate court has found by clear and convincing evidence that you cannot communicate, with or without accommodations, a desire to participate in the voting process;
If you are eligible to vote and you are looking to get registered to vote to participate in a future Election, you can register by:

1. Going to your local Board of Elections office and registering there, or requesting an application to return;
2. Going online to the Maryland Board of Elections website and filling out the information here;
3. Filling out a voter registration form at a mobile site where a certified registrar is registering people to vote;
4. Heading over to the Out for Justice office (1400 E. Federal Street) and getting registered there.